Melbourne International Comedy Festival Launch

Apr 22, 2021

melbourne comedy festival featured image

After the year we’ve all had, gathering to laugh together is more important – and fun! – than ever, particularly when the iconic Melbourne International Comedy Festival is also committed to providing employment opportunities to people who’ve struggled to find work due to the pandemic.

JobsBank worked with the Comedy Festival to provide support for jobseekers from recruitment to training and beyond. Together, we were able to place young people seriously impacted by the pandemic into exciting festival roles, helping them build their skills and confidence as they progress on their career journey – and last week we brought Festival staff and some of their incredible employees together to celebrate.

In our current environment of quickly changing workforce needs, we can help your business to identify suitable roles, source, match and recruit hidden talent, and provide jobseekers with the support they need to thrive. Talented, driven and hardworking employees are right around the corner – and we can help you find them!


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