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May 18, 2021

Jobs bank Australian Tennis

35% higher profits. A stronger Australian economy to the tune of $12.7bn. Greater happiness in the workplace. Increased ability to anticipate and prepare for change.

We have all seen the (very compelling) statistics and stories that circulate about the immense community, individual and business benefits of inclusive employment.

And while they’re important, nothing beats the impact of hearing from real people – jobseekers for whom employment means so much more than a paycheck. It means self-esteem, boosted confidence. It means eyes opened to new possibilities. It means excitement, new skills, new networks, and new friends.

To mark Harmony Day 2021, some of the staff who worked at this year’s Australian Open share their experiences. We’re so proud of them and all their hard work and are excited to see what the future will bring this talented group.

“I had been looking for work for so long, I had lost my identity. I worked for 25 years before moving here and have now had two years of looking after my children and not being able to find work. This allowed me to find myself again. I am so grateful.”

“I learned a lot from my experience. Especially about how workplaces function and what I can expect from a job. You would think that HR was just about recruitment, but I learned a lot from observing what they do, what they manage and how they problem solve. That was a highlight – watching the team working through problems and solving them. Before this, if someone had said do I want to do this role, I would have backed away from it because of that preconception of what it would be – now I know more, I’ll be more open. It’s given me a lot of knowledge and confidence.”

“I love Australians. Look at how many people from developing countries they invite here! My country would never have given me so many opportunities. I really want to give back and work. Even if I could go back to my country, I never would. Here there are so many pathways to getting into university whereas in other places it is much harder. Getting a free TAFE course is amazing, they really look after their citizens and I don’t take anything for granted. And this was another part of that – the chance to be part of something so big and exciting.”

“I am so grateful to be part of the AO. Being able to put it on my resume is such a good thing. I’m so looking forward to what comes next and for the opportunities it’ll bring.”

I just loved it. I loved the atmosphere, experiencing all the crowds cheering, seeing people smiling. I got to make some new friends with co-workers. It was so good for my confidence – it helped me improve my social skills with people. I also won ballot tickets for the grand final! That was a dream come true!”

“It was a very different experience; it was very new for me and I enjoyed it. Initially I was scared as it was a big event and had no similar experience, but after a bit I realised it was all good, I could do it, and I just loved it. It was amazing.”

“I am so happy to have you guys on our side helping us and asking us how things are going. You’ve all been really easy to talk to and it’s been great and so helpful. I feel so happy to have had this opportunity.”

“Thank you for taking the time to listen to my feedback regarding the AO today. It makes a big difference to be genuinely listened to as very rarely does this happen with other job agencies.”

“Getting this job has been a boost for me; as an international student I was really down last year with how little work was available and so getting this role in a time when the job market is competitive has been great for my confidence – I’m really happy.”


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