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Healthy business and healthy community = value for all

What could happen if we met our business needs, and the needs of our community and environment, at the same time?

When you need products or services, you can choose to buy them from businesses that have a proven track record of caring for community and the environment.

In this way, you can make your money work in more than one way. Your expenditure also becomes an investment with its own impact. This is social procurement.

Social procurement is more than just getting the best price. It is about achieving the best value, for all.

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The three stages of Social Procurement

How to use this Resource Centre

This resource centre is designed to meet you where you're at, making navigating the world of social procurement and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) easier for your business. The resources throughout this centre been developed by Jobsbank and other industry leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion.

We've broken it all down into three stages (see the tiles above):

  1. Planning
  2. Sourcing
  3. Delivering

Clicking on one of those three tiles above takes you to a page full of resources to help you navigate that stage, and move to the next. Each stage contains key articles to build understanding of that stage of social procurement, example documents and templates to help get you started, and case studies to provide examples of best practice.

You'll find the tiles for each stage down the bottom of each page. Use the tiles to navigate between each stage and access the relevant resources.


Resources to help kick start your journey. What exactly is social procurement and DEI? What are the government policies you need to know when planning? Are there example templates I can use? You'll find it all on the planning page.


How do you go about sourcing suppliers to execute your social procurement strategy? Or source people who match your inclusive hiring strategy? Why is it all so important? Head to the sourcing page for best practice resources here.


Best practice implementation is crucial to the sustainability of your diversity, equity and inclusion and social procurement strategies. Learn from those who've done it best, and how to measure it all on the delivering page.

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Navigating social procurement, diversity & inclusion.

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