Welcome to JobsBank, Corinne Proske

Dec 11, 2020

Corinne Proske

JobsBank is pleased to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Corinne Proske.

Corinne comes to us from Speckle Loans, where as Founder and CEO she developed and leveraged digital technology to help vulnerable consumers access fair and affordable finance.

Previously, Corinne worked at Good Shepherd Microfinance where she incubated Speckle as well as several other financial inclusion programs; she also has 13 years’ experience with NAB in business banking and social responsibility, where she was responsible for NAB’s $130 million financial inclusion programs that focus on helping low-income Australians access financial services.

With her varied experience in the business and NFP sectors and passion for equality and inclusivity, Corinne is ideally placed to lead the JobsBank team.

This does mean saying farewell to our founding CEO, Lisa Buckingham, who was instrumental in establishing, launching and setting the strategy for JobsBank with energy and passion. Lisa is staying on to lead Working for Victoria, which is already delivering strong employment outcomes for Victorians. Thank you, Lisa, and welcome, Corinne!


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