Apr 9, 2021


In recent weeks, Australia has been rocked by allegations of gendered harassment and violence in our workplaces. From our office buildings to inside our own homes, women all over the country are speaking out about the harm they face every day in all areas of their lives. It is simply unacceptable.

And at this turning point in the national conversation, the Diversity Council Australia Ltd has this week launched its campaign for change, #IStandForRespect. This crucial campaign asks businesses across Australia to by pledge their commitment to creating safe workplaces. JobsBank is proud to stand with DCA and to pledge our support for safe and inclusive workplaces.

Stand Up for Respect

Everyone deserves to be respected at work – and business leaders have the opportunity to play a critical role in standing against gendered violence in all its forms, and in committing to taking steps to make the workplace safe for all. After all, addressing sexual harassment is the business of every business.

“Feeling safe in the workplace allows people to contribute to their full potential,” says our CEO Corinne Proske. “It’s vital that we all take steps to ensure that all Australian workers can thrive in workplaces free from fear and violence.” To take the pledge, visit: https://www.dca.org.au/


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